Colored Girls Museum

Michael Clemmons, the associate director of workforce development, along with writer Ian Friday helped a Germantown woman named Vashti Dubois turn her Victorian home into a museum that aims to celebrate Black women.

Class: History of Global Soccer

The History of Global Soccer Class is taught by Professor Gary Scales and is modeled after the book How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization. The class focuses on how the globalized world can be better understood through the game of soccer by examining how soccer's past and present connects to forces and trends that have shaped history since the modern game's invention. The class teaches that soccer is connected to race, economics, empire, gender, and sport and thus influences the world.

Defend Our Future: Coffee and Climate Change

Defend our Future is hosting an event last Thursday evening at Rad Dish Co-op to discuss the effects climate change has on coffee, sustainable business practices in the industry, a brief coffee tasting, and more information about how you can get involved.

Freely Magazine – A Piece of Home Photo Exibition

On Friday, March 24th, in SERC's lobby, Temple's newly founded magazine by international students for everyone, Freely, organized a photo exhibition to showcase stories and personal experiences of 15 international subjects from many different countries. This video contains courtesy footage from Freely staff.