Re: ‘Corrigan: Time of the month is a time of care’

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Dear Editor,

I, like many thousands of other readers, am deeply disgusted by the content published by one of your writers, John Corrigan.

I myself worked for a prominent Midwestern university publication company during my undergraduate years. I know that good journalism is achieved by unbiased representation of facts and events. Ed Murrow was a master of this.

The content of this article is extremely inflammatory, sexist and based on a string of other-than-facts. I am astonished that this column was allowed to run. In today’s journalistic world, we see too much of this garbage pumped out by the likes of Fox News who publish opinions and smears rather than facts and truths.

I ask that you reprimand Mr. Corrigan and issue a formal public apology. You owe at least that much to your circulation. While I am upset with Mr. Corrigan’s words, ultimately the blame rests on your shoulders as the editor of the publication.

Michael Laccabue
Cupertino, California

One Response to “Re: ‘Corrigan: Time of the month is a time of care’”

  1. Jay

    I felt like I was reading a men’s rights forum when I read Corrigans column.

    I would second both an apology from Editors and John.


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