On Saturday, South Street between Front and 8th streets was shut down for the South Street Spring Festival hosted by the South Street Headhouse District. In conjunction with the festival, the 700 block of South Street held the 5th annual German Maifest hosted by Brauhaus Schmitz, a German beer hall on South Street near 7th.

Live and recorded music stations were set up at the event.

Senior journalism major Raina Stewart worked at the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals tent.

John Carson walked around in a shark costume promoting Philly AIDS Thrift, a thrift store on 5th Street near South that benefits local AIDS organizations. There was a variety of food vendors, artisans and craftmakers on every block. The artistans and craftmakers sold jewelry, photographs and an assortment of other products.

Live in Philly: South Street Spring Festival

Crew competes in Bergen Cup Regatta

The crew team placed first in the Varsity 4 and Freshman 4 races on Saturday on the Schuylkill in the Bergen Cup Regatta.

“Rock Night” at the Underground

Freely Magazine hosted a free music showcase, themed “Rock Night” at the Underground in the Student Center on Friday.