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The personal goes public

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Check out The Temple News’ exclusive video coverage as well as the print edition of the article.

Video by Saba Aregai and Luis Rodriguez
Kevin Henson, a senior neuroscience major, was dragged along to the opening of the First Person Museum at the Painted Bride Art Center Friday, Nov.…

Temple Tweets

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I am absolutely dying for someone to ask me if there is something in my pants or if I am just happy to see them. Because you know what, there is something in my pants – a big, fat student refund check.…

People You Should KNOW: Darragh Friedman

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When it comes to stories that serve as universal reminders of the Holocaust, Anne Frank’s nearly always comes to mind. But many survivors with inspiring stories are still living today – many who aren’t given the chance or venue to tell them.…

College students take their chances on the Web

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Zak Dombrowski a sophomore criminal justice major, and Jovan Hernandez, a senior human resource management major, are online poker players, and just may be part of a growing trend among college students in the United States.…