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Commemorating a day with historical context

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Yorktown, Pa. resident, Pop Kensey, said he can appreciate the importance of recognizing Veterans Day.
Nov. 11 became an American holiday in 1919 when a temporary ceasefire was affected by the Allied Nations and Germany,  originally honoring those who died in World War I. …

Reflecting on Tastykakes and its future

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Alberta Crawford said she was about three years old when she bit into her first Tastykake.
“I loved them then,” Crawford said. “I still love them. I love to eat them.”
Crawford, now 64, said she still shops for the confectionery treats, especially at the Tastykake Thrift Outlet Store at 2236 W.…

Community Voice: Harmless and home for the holidays

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Ruby Singleton said she understands why some people might be offended that the name of theholiday market in Center City is called the “Christmas Village.”
However, Singleton, 46, said she thought the name of the village, located at Dilworth Plaza on the northwest side of City Hall, was harmless.…

Landlords and living conditions

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Derek Kingcade and his family have lived in their current apartment for more than two years.
The 30-year-old resident has two pet peeves with his home: the neighbors who live above him and his landlord.…

Community Voice: Resolving the congested justice problem

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William Carter and Wanda Jordan-Carter said they are worried about top Pennsylvania and Philadelphia court officials’ decision to drop criminal charges against approximately 19,400 defendants who skipped court years ago.
Jordan-Carter, 48, said “some people could be innocent,” but others could end up repeating the offenses that brought them the criminal charges in the first place.…

No interpersonal touch with online dating

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Taesha Moore said technology has taken over every facet of our lives, including the dating scene.
“Everything is done through the computer and the Internet, and now it’s dating online with,” the 25-year-old said.…

Trekking through a home continent

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Charmain Ivy may visit friends in North Philadelphia from her home in Frankford, but her travel log is lengthier than a few SEPTA bus ride entries.
For 10 years while her ex-husband served in the United States Air Force, Ivy traveled throughout North America, briefly living in Maine, California, Mexico and Canada.…