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Columnist puts ‘freeze’ on weather-inappropriate trend

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Columnist Victoria Marchiony discusses the ever-popular trend of womens weather-inappropriate party clothes. At this point in the flu-season, I figure everyone has popped into Student Health Services at least once, and has seen those charming anti-smoking posters that read “It’s 30 below, your teeth are chattering and you’re thinking ‘I’m not addicted, I’m not addicted, I’m not addicted.’” As the temperature drops and the winter winds pick up, it’s increasingly evident – at least to me – that we’re in need of a new version of this poster that applies to seasonally inappropriate dressers.…

Take a break from the boring break

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In her introductory column, Victoria Marchiony recommends shedding the monotonous routine in favor of something new. I’m one of those people who has spent her entire life causing awkward silences at dinner parties by making obscene and or scathing comments regardless of company.…