Then and now: CHRIS STOVER, Editor-in-Chief 2008-09

I never aspired to become the editor-in-chief of The Temple News. As an unassuming freshman in 2005, I did what I was told. I wrote whatever the editors needed, covering topics from SEPTA to ramen noodles.

Little did I know these stories would prepare me to cover slightly more notable events, including a World Series run and a historic presidential election.

As a broadcast journalism major, I was a rarity at the paper. Peers always asked me why, as an aspiring broadcaster, I chose to spend my time writing and editing articles instead of shooting stand-ups. When I inherited the editorship in 2008, these questions made me realize that The Temple News should no longer be seen solely as the school newspaper. Rather, it should be considered Temple’s media organization. This thought always remained in the back of my mind.

Entering my senior year at TTN, I had the pleasure of leading 25 like-minded individuals from various backgrounds. And when you shove those 25 people in one newsroom under immeasurable stress, failure is a distinct possibility. It was a possibility I thankfully never experienced.

Instead, the staff I had the pleasure of leading channeled that energy into creating fantastic copy, design, video packages and Web products. Our hard work week after week paid off, as evidenced by numerous Keystone Press Awards, an ACP Online Pacemaker nomination and, perhaps most impressive, an Editor & Publisher EPpy Award for Best College Newspaper Web Site.

The TTN experience will always be a highlight of my life. Not only did I have the opportunity to refine my own multimedia reporting skills, but I was also able to witness the incredible talents of my peers.

To think that a job I initially had no desire to pursue would become one of the defining moments of my life continues to amaze me. It never crossed my mind that the irreplaceable experiences – and the lifelong friends – were part of the deal.

TTN has had a rich history in 88 years, and I’m privileged to have played a small role. In this evolving multimedia world, I look forward to seeing the accolades and achievements of TTN’s future generations.

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