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Free, even in London

Caitlin Weigel makes going to free museums cross-cultural. LONDON – Perhaps the most magical four-letter word in the English language is “free.” Nothing seems to capture the attention of college students quite like the F-word.

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TSG discusses upcoming events

On Monday, Oct. 4, Temple Student Government met for its second Senate meeting where its members brought up upcoming events and provided an update on new initiatives. Dr. Theresa Powell, Vice President of Student Affairs,

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Fashioning feminism

Feminine girls shouldn’t shy away from embracing feminism. Bored on the train home, I began questioning whether I have any real hobbies. Almost immediately, I thought, “Shopping!” and then instantly felt ashamed because shopping is

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Save Nursing

Hospitals should do more than raise money to alleviate the nursing shortages. Last month, Downtown Philadelphia Marriot held the third Promise of Nursing for Pennsylvania gala. Temple University Hospital participated the event along with 27