25 Random Things about The Temple News

The Temple News didn’t want to feel left out of the viral phenomenon. Check out 25 things you probably never knew about TTN below.

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1. I’m almost 88 years old, but I feel like I’m 24.

2. I’m called a “watchdog for the Temple University community.” Between you and me, I’m more of a cat person.

3. If I had to be a dog, I’d be a beagle. I think it’s sacrilegious for newspapers not to want to be a beagle. We’re where Peanuts got its start, people.

4. I disagree with the editorials printed on Page 4 about 73 percent of the time. But I’m afraid to tell the Editorial Board, so I usually grin and bear it.

5. I once dated the Daily Pennsylvanian. But it quickly came to an end after a disastrous dinner date that involved red wine, a clumsy waiter and an emergency visit to the dry cleaners.

6. I have a crush on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She’s my girl. She can smudge my pages any day.

7. Speaking of smudged ink, it doesn’t hurt as much as you might think. It’s almost like getting a rug burn, but slightly more pleasant.

8. I’d rather endure the pain of a tear than be fixed with Scotch tape. I don’t like the feeling of adhesive on my paper.

9. I used to be printed two times a week. These times, they are a-changin’.

10. If the Editorial Board can endorse a presidential candidate, I’m going to endorse an American Idol candidate. Because of a strong and thoughtful performance throughout Hollywood week, The Temple News endorses Danny Gokey for winner of “American Idol”’s eighth season.

11. I’ve never used a performance-enhancing ink. I’m naturally strong.

12. My favorite shot is the Dirty Girl Scout, followed closely by a Buttery Nipple. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Seriously.

13. Chuck Norris has never been printed in me before. I’m both extremely grateful and somewhat bothered by this all at the same time.

14. In my personal opinion, it’s not nice to throw something away when you’re done with it. Remember that as I’m in your armpit as you pass a trash can.

15. My favorite ‘90s band was Hanson. “MMMBop” is my jam.

16. My idea of a perfect Friday night consists of a Blockbuster rental of “All the President’s Men,” Franzia boxed wine and a pair of strong hands.

17. Bob Saget autographed me once. It’s probably the most priceless edition of The Temple News, valued at $8.37.

18. I’ve been seeing a therapist ever since “Unsolved Mysteries” got canceled. I love Robert Stack.

19. In 1993, I ran a photo of a naked man on the front page.

20. The most disappointing thing about being at Temple is that the TVs don’t get Food Network.

21. I don’t do propaganda. Look somewhere else for that.

22. The “most dangerous issue of The Temple News ever” occurred in 2004, when I published the salaries of Temple’s top administrators on the front page.

23. Why go grayscale when you can go CMYK?

24. There are many innovative uses for me: an umbrella, a sailor’s hat, basket lining, bra stuffing… just to name a few.

25. I’ve had a good life. But I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

– Chris Stover

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