A blank, historic slate for TSG

The new Temple Student Government executive team has a chance to improve the functions of the student government.

After winning 55 percent of students who voted in the Temple Student Government election last week, BecomingTU will serve as TSG’s first all-female executive board during the 2019-20 school year.

This winning ticket has a blank page ahead of it. This is the first time in history TSG’s top three leaders are women. At a university that hasn’t seen a female student body president since Natalie Ramos-Castillo in 2010-11, this is historic.

“Not only at this school, but as a whole, female leaders are not represented as they should be,” said Francesca Capozzi, the president-elect. “No matter your gender, no matter how you identify, being able to lead is not determinant of that. It’s determined of your abilities.”

BecomingTU represents a group of people who long haven’t had the chance to be in charge of TSG, and that’s something to be celebrated. We’re excited to see how they bring their perspectives to the Board of Trustees — who are mostly all men — to represent all students at Temple.

Aside from the history of this election, both campaigns were suspended for violating TSG’s Election Code. We hope BecomingTU will recover from this irresponsible behavior and be ethical leaders when they take their positions as the executive board next semester.

We have criticized TSG’s levels of transparency and engagement repeatedly, so we are asking that the new leaders learn from the missteps of their predecessors. Increase communication between the student body and its governing body, hold yourselves accountable for your decisions and understand the importance of your role as a mouthpiece between students and the administration.

With a new executive team comes a new chance for TSG to be what students need. 

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