A Closer Look at Intersection

The Temple News’ Intersection Editor describes intersection and what the future holds for the new space.

Dear Reader,

Every one of us has the common identity of being #TempleMade, but that single identity intersects with at least one other identity we have. The presence of these separate identities is what makes us different from one another. They impact our lives, our behavior, our views of the world and what we consider to be our own “truths.”

As Editor in Chief Gillian McGoldrick wrote, The Temple News has been doing a disservice to Temple University and North Philadelphia by not considering your whole truths.  The addition of the Intersection is reaffirming the importance of bringing you back into your student newspaper.

So where are we going from here? I have no idea, but, as an English major, I know the importance of telling the entire story. I know that to spark a positive, open dialogue on campus, I need the help of every student. Faculty and residents of the neighboring community are welcome to join the conversation.

I am looking for contributing writers to pitch stories, send their poems or essays that explore identities or send in artwork. I think it is important that, as a community, we get a little vulnerable and write about an aspect of our core identity.

Intersection is a public space. This means that The Temple News’ newsroom in Room 243 of the Student Center is also a space where you are free to come in and talk to anyone on staff. We are willing to listen to not only your story ideas, but also to the person telling the story.

I’m so excited to begin this year-long journey with you. I hope you consider joining my team. Intersection can’t flourish unless the entire owl nest pitches in.


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