A ‘Darling’ dessert stop

Everyone has had those nights when you need to satisfy that nagging sweet tooth, but can’t decide where to go. You could always go to a diner for a cup of coffee and doughnuts, one of the many Cosis in the city or maybe just settle for a simple Rita’s water ice.

How about something different? Try Darling’s, a quaint coffee shop nestled at 404 S. 20th St.

While Pat’s and Geno’s are famous for cheesesteaks, Darling’s’ claim to fame is cheesecakes.

Its scrumptious Bananas Foster Cheesecake has even been featured in the Best of Philly Magazine. With a creamy texture and graham cracker crust, it’s sure to make your mouth water at first sight.

But the dessert Darling’s prides itself on the most is Classic Philly Cheesecake. This Philly favorite is light and velvety and its one-of-a-kind recipe makes you forget about those New York-style cheesecakes.

We could talk about their desserts all day like their delectable Grand Marnier or succulent Cinnamon Walnut Street Coffee Cake, though the menu at Darling’s has a lot more than just great desserts.

Try one of its La Colombe coffees with a Canadian bacon egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast, or for lunch, skip the cafeteria and give Darling’s’ savory Philly cordon bleu a try.
The cozy coffeehouse atmosphere is a one of Darling’s’ best features. Sit out back in the decorated patio and enjoy a relaxing dish.

Darling’s is truly a gem hidden within the streets of Philadelphia. With huge chains like Starbucks and Cosi’s dominating the market, we tend to forget about great “Mom and Pop” places right around the corner.

Darling’s is set to open a second location at 2100 Spring St., near the Franklin Institute, so if you have yet to try the some of the greatest cheesecakes in the city, what are you waiting for?

Dan Cappello can be reached at dancaps@temple.edu.


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