A guy’s guide to shopping without mom

Oh the splendor of spring sports. The Phillies are kicking off their second season in a new ballpark, the Sixers have clinched a playoff spot, and Dolce & Gabbana’s spring line is out on the

Oh the splendor of spring sports. The Phillies are kicking off their second season in a new ballpark, the Sixers have clinched a playoff spot, and Dolce & Gabbana’s spring line is out on the streets.

OK, so that last one doesn’t fit so well, but sports can’t consume your entire life.

You know the harsh reality of your closet. Every morning is an exercise in surprise. Midmorning after your first class you realize your pre-coffee stupor left you dressed in carpenter jeans from high school and an undershirt you wore with a hoodie yesterday.

Face it boys, most of us need professional help. Even girls seek guidance from their fashion bibles.

Spring is a great time to bolster your closet with the promise of summer jobs and money just around the corner. It’s probably safe to use what’s left in your bank account after a semester of lunch truck food and Chinese take-out.

So take some mental notes for the next time your girlfriend drags you out shopping. Might as well pick up a couple things for yourself. It beats shopping with your mom.

Philadelphia’s shops offer something for just about every style and budget, so it won’t be too hard to get the look this summer.

“Polo shirts are going to be big this spring and summer,” said Tony Sparacino owner of Sparacino Mens at 115 S. 13th St. Sparacino has a full stock of polo shirts in a variety of colors and styles, including a slew of shirts by the Original Penguin brand.

“The Original Penguin came back in full force this summer,” Sparacino said.

Sparacino recommends vintage style polo shirts in brighter colors in either stripes or solids.

For your lower half Sparacino said “mixing dressy with plaid” is in. He suggests taking pinstripe or plaid dress pants and pairing it with a cool T-shirt and a great pair of shoes or flip-flops.

Preppy is the “it” look this spring according to Michael Anderer of Matthew Izzo on 117 S. 13th St.

Anderer said polos and blazers are a good bet. He suggests layering a “distressed blazer with a hoodie underneath.” Anderer also said colors are big this spring, noting “kelly green and chocolate” as some of the big players.

Button down shirts in a plethora of colors and patterns lined the walls of Sparacino, and Travis Jackson of Zara, 1717 Walnut St., agrees that button downs in bolder colors are a hot ticket item for spring.

Jackson stressed that clothing this spring “is cut to fit.” Tapered pants, jeans and jackets are imperative for looking on top of your game. For dressier shoes, animal skin leathers are big this year, Jackson said, and white shoes will be ubiquitous.

At the beach, board shorts will reign supreme again, along with printed tees, Jackson said.

For your feet, Puma said their Ferrari limited edition line of clothing and shoes have been flying off the shelves. The sneakers come in a variety of styles and colors, but are unmistakable in race car red.

Larry Emeigh from Puma, 1505 Walnut St., said their new K-1 sneakers have also been popular. Emeigh said “navy and black” are some of the hot colors for guys foot wear this spring.

Accessories are always important. Sparacino said the J-fold wallets he carries have been really popular this year. These aren’t your grandfather’s bloated wallets of yesteryear but stylish renditions out of a variety of materials in cool colors like green and orange.

Unique belt buckles are another great accessory for this spring, Sparacino said, as well as a great pair of sunglasses. Sparacino said white is the new cool color for frames and he and Anderer both agree aviator sunglasses are also a great look for the spring and summer season.

GQ’s spring issues highlighted several trends including madras shorts, or plaid shorts that you can find at stores such as J.Crew and American Eagle. Popular items include Henley shirts, motorcycle jackets and everything in color, stripes and fun patterns.

And yes it’s OK to wear different patterns and prints, just make sure the color scheme blends. GQ suggests monochromatic colors when mixing, oh, say a flower printed tie with a striped shirt.

Too lazy to leave the couch? Multitask by shopping and watching television. Try www.matthewizzo.com, www.puma.com, www.zara.com or www.sparacinomens.com.

Josh Chamberlain can be reached at Joshch@temple.edu.

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