A letter from President Hart

President Ann Weaver Hart addresses the Temple community on the school’s 125 year anniversary.

Dear Temple University students,

This year, we mark an exciting milestone in the history of Temple University: the 125th anniversary of our founding. Temple founder Russell Conwell, a charismatic orator, lawyer and minister whose Grace Baptist Church was gaining a wide following, began tutoring ambitious local working-class students in 1884, covering the subjects of languages, math, logic and rhetoric.

Students and faculty from around the world have come to Temple for 125 years, finding a place that provides access to excellence for talented and motivated scholars of every background. Temple College, as it was chartered in 1888, was a symbol of Philadelphia’s role in the growth of the national economy and a direct response to the social and technological changes that made a broadly educated citizenry essential to progress. Since its early days, Temple has been an integral part of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, and with the challenges and opportunities of each new decade, the university has responded to prepare our students for leadership. Today, Temple offers an education tailored to our global era of unparalleled change.

The valuable perspectives and insights that you gain as a Temple student will bear fruit throughout your lives and careers. When you graduate, you will join our nearly 260,000 alumni around the world: talented, ambitious men and women who have become ambassadors, artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, researchers and more, shaping their fields and the world in which we live. No matter where they focus their talents, Temple alumni enter the world ready to tackle any challenge.

I hope you will join me in celebrating throughout the year as we commemorate our unique heritage and the promise of our future. For more information about Temple history and anniversary events, please visit www.temple125years.com.

I am so proud to be a part of this special anniversary at a moment when the university is poised to achieve even greater success. With 125 years of achievement to draw upon, Temple continues to embody the aspirations of people in Philadelphia and around the world.

Ann Weaver Hart
Temple University

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  1. I have asked this question before but no one has responded. Will Temple Harrisburg ever have a degree completion program or an undergraduate program? Will Temple develop any online degrees? I was a student at Temple years ago and had to leave for personal reasons. I want to finish my degree but with family obligations and a business to run, the commute to Philly is difficult.I hope President Hart would consider this and respond. Thank you.

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