A message to President Bush

In his infinite wisdom, President Bush referred to the millions that marched against war on Feb. 15 as a “focus group,” saying it would be foolish to make policy based on their views. “The role

In his infinite wisdom, President Bush referred to the millions that marched against war on Feb. 15 as a “focus group,” saying it would be foolish to make policy based on their views.

“The role of a leader is to decide policy based upon, in this case, the security of the people,” Bush said.

Yet Bush has failed to explain how going to war will provide security for America.

A war with Iraq is not simply about disarming Saddam Hussein as Bush claims.

It is about oil for Bush, and jihad for Muslim extremists around the world.

These extremists are waiting for the U.S. to commit an act of aggression, an act that for them will be construed as a Holy War against Islam.

Then, any security that we enjoy in post-9/11 America will be gone. Terrorism will no longer be a threat; it will be imminent.

Saddam Hussein has been contained for years now.

He has never posed a threat to American soil, and Bush has done nothing to convince us that he does now.

However, Press Secretary Ari Fleischer is defending the administration’s stubborn stance on military action against Iraq, with or without the support of the United Nations.

Fleischer says that one of the most admirable qualities of the Bush presidency has been Bush’s unwavering adherence to his decisions, no matter what opposition they may face.

How is this an admirable trait of the leader of a democracy?

I thought that ignoring the will of the people was called tyranny, and that Saddam Hussein was the tyrant.

This confusion aside, I have a message for the president, or king, or emperor – I’m not sure what to call him these days.

Bush has already said that he won’t listen, but unless he’s covered his ears with duct tape, he is forced to hear something.

So here goes.

Our schools are failing, our economy is faltering, and millions of Americans are floundering under the poverty line.

Yet, you have spent the last six months of your presidency hawking about, pushing your war, while ignoring your responsibilities as our president.

(I call it “your” war, because you have done nothing to convince me that I should take up your cause.)

I can only hope that you consider the spell of death you are about to cast over the world.

Saddam Hussein is an evil, self-righteous, power-and money-driven individual.

In fact, he is much like you.

He is also guilty of numerous human rights violations against his citizens, but no more than the Chinese or the Russians or the Nigerians.

Therefore, it is obvious that you are not going to war to liberate those who are oppressed.

If that were the case, you would be fighting on many more fronts, including here at home.

You say that Saddam Hussein poses a threat to the American people and the world by supplying al-Qaeda with weapons of mass destruction.

Yet, the terrorists of 9/11 used our airplanes to crash into our buildings after being trained on our soil.

Mr. President, I applaud your desire to save the world, but is preemptive war the American way?

I foolishly expect that as our fearless leader, you know the American way better than I do.

Which is why when you turn this world into a burning inferno every bit as brutal as hell – but without the finality, I know you will have American interests at heart.

I know that you and your minions will be huddled inside your fake, plastic play lands, counting your money as the world burns outside your door.

Thanks for listening.

And may God bless the world.

He knows we need His blessing more than you do.

After all, you are not concerned with getting anyone’s blessing.

You said so yourself.

Jesse Chadderdon can be reached at jchadder@temple.edu.

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