A ‘taste’ that leaves you wanting more

“Philly has been a place since we’ve started touring where we feel appreciated,” said Kyle Breckenridge, drummer of the band Thrice. “We always go to Jim’s for a cheesesteak. You can’t beat the cheese-steaks there.”With summer nearing, music fans are getting ready to embrace the year’s biggest tours. Shows such as Ozzfest, Warped Tour and even the new Sounds of the Underground have fans longing to see their favorite artists perform.With time remaining until the summer festivities begin, Thrice is about to embark on a tour that will give fans a taste of what they’ll expect to see this summer. They will give fans a little Taste of Chaos.”I think there is a little bit of something for everybody,” Breckenridge said, referring to the Taste of Chaos tour, which makes a stop at the Tweeter Center in Camden, N.J., on March 4. “There’s headbanging kind of metal, like As I Lay Dying, and there is stuff with a little more melody like Story of the Year, Funeral for a Friend and Atreyu. Then there is the Deftones and us who both do some heavy stuff, but also have a lot of atmospheric stuff as well with some melody.”The band has had a lot of success since their arrival to the metal scene in 1999. Some people even credit Thrice with popularizing one of the latest new waves of metalcore music. With so many metalcore bands trying to make themselves known, Thrice is at a point where they want to separate themselves from the others and move on with their music.”I think that the stuff we were doing five years ago, there is now a lot of bands that have started doing that too, and its kind of reached critical mass,” Breckenridge said. “There are just so many bands doing that that it’s kind of getting played out.”I guess we’re kind of tired of it and are ready to move on, it was just inside of each of us to try and do something different and try and do something more.”This “something different” is the new sound that the band has created on their latest album Vheissu. The band strayed away from the fierce intensity of their past albums to a more progressive tone.The album has received mixed reactions from fans, but Breckenridge said the album is just the band being creative and being themselves.”I know as a band we’re really proud of this record, and we worked really hard on it,” he said. “I think it is a griller kind of album, where you got to stick with it and listen to it a few times, and maybe it will start to make sense or appeal to people more. If we tried to cater to what our fans expect then we’d be a mess, and I think the creative process would fall by the wayside.”After the tour concludes, Thrice will not take part in any of the big summer tours, instead choosing to focus on the production of their next album.”I think this summer the plan is to take a month or two off and maybe start writing a little bit for the next record,” he said. “We’re excited to have the summer off because it’s been a long time since we’ve had a summer off, and we’re excited to start writing again.”We’ll definitely do a tour in the fall, whether it’s a headlining tour or just doing support.”Dan Cappello can be reached at dancapps@temple.edu.

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