Accessibility needed

Students have expressed concerns over Student Financial Services changing locations.

The Student Financial Services office, an essential resource to most Temple students, has changed locations due to construction.

“I went to the wrong place at first a couple weeks ago,” said Oyinade Adebayo, a freshman economics major. “Then I went over to the right place.”

The new address is only listed once on the “Contact Us” page of the SFS website, while the old address is still listed at the bottom of every page of its website.

SFS should have properly updated its information by the start of the fall semester for students, especially freshmen and transfer students who may not have known the original office location. In addition to removing conflicting location information, SFS should have announced its location change more prominently online.

Returning students would have also benefitted from an email notification so they could have properly planned how to contact SFS as they receive information about their loans and other aid for the upcoming year.

Temple touts its commitment to affordability and must realize that SFS should be extremely accessible to students.  The Temple News has heard complaints about issues with phone service, the change in location due to construction and a lack of communication. These issues, at the start of the new semester, act as roadblocks to students.

Some of these are not new problems for SFS.

While we are sure the location change has caused some challenges for the staff of SFS, we hope the move will urge SFS to more effectively communicate with students and to adapt to the needs they have expressed moving forward.

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