Add active assailant protocols

Apartment complexes near Main Campus should collaborate with Temple Police to set up safety protocols.

The View, an off-campus housing complex on Montgomery Avenue near 12th Street, received a false report there was an active shooter in the building earlier this month. Although police later deemed the report false, the incident was alarming.

It also sparked conversations about the safety of the apartment building, which did not have any written procedures for active assailant situations. We urge that The View and all other surrounding apartment complexes to create and share comprehensive safety plans for situations like these.

In a time when schools, offices and even concert venues are the targets of mass shootings, it makes sense that every apartment building — especially one near a college campus — should have an active assailant procedure. 

A study by the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City found 40 documented shooting incidents occurred on or near college campuses from 2001-06. The number increased to 101 incidents between 2011-16 school years — a 153 percent increase.

The View and all other apartment complexes nearby could easily implement the Department of Homeland Security’s Run, Hide, Fight method, which TUready teaches students and faculty.

The View and its under-construction neighbor The View II will soon house more than 1,800 students. Procedures must be implemented for the safety of current and future residents as soon as possible in order to prevent a possible disaster.

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