Ads will focus on classroom

Redesigned advertisements will shift focus to academics.

Temple Made banner geared toward athletics hangs on Barton Hall. | LUIS RODRIGUEZ / TTN
Temple Made banner geared toward athletics hangs on Barton Hall. | LUIS RODRIGUEZ / TTN

Gone are the intense game day faces of Temple Made. New slogans and an organic social media buzz are changing the appearance and form of Temple’s advertising campaign.

New advertising posters consist of short phrases that describe driven students working hard for their education. This represents a shift in focus from athletics toward academics in the rolling campaign, launched months ago..

“They are both intended to drive pride,” Nicole Naumoff, associate vice president of institutional advancement, said. “These posters are intended to give a little inspiration back.”

Temple’s massive advertising campaign, Temple Made, consists of commercials, events, banners and posters in various locations of Philadelphia. It started last fall, but hasn’t lost steam.

The alumni participation rate is projected to increase by 1.3 percent this fiscal year and a noticeable increase in online giving has also occurred; the rate is measured by how many alumni there are divided by those who contributed donations.

The hope of Temple officials is that alumni donations will remain continuous rather than sporadic due to affinity inspired by the Temple Made campaign, Naumoff said.

Acclaim for the campaign has also come from advertising colleagues. Various elements of the Temple Made campaign recently won numerous awards at the Philadelphia ADDY Awards Competition. At the Educational Advertising Awards, Neiman, which produced Temple’s advertisements, received first place for both the category of total ad campaign and use of social media among all competing educational institutions nationwide with a student body larger than 20,000; it also won nine other awards for the campaign.

“It’s a significant nod in the right direction,” Jennifer Trautwein, associate vice president of development operations, said. “It’s instilled a greater sense of school pride.”

This pride has propelled the campaign into a life of its own on social media. Currently, there are more than 8,000 photos tagged #templemade on Instagram and more than 12,000 tweets with the same hashtag on Twitter.

A particularly successful official promotion video has also attracted a lot of online traffic. The video, posted Jan. 11, on YouTube has more than 380,000 views to date. The alumnus who made the music used in the video included a link and has received more than 130 downloads.

“This campaign has been driven by participation from students and the Temple community,” Naumoff said.

Recently, Temple bought a significant number of advertising spaces at Suburban Station in Center City. The new focus of these will be to celebrate achievements within the Temple community.

One advertisement highlights a feat of the men’s basketball team while another boasts of an academic program’s national ranking, for example. Naumoff sees this as the course of the campaign.

“The future is to continue to explore, customize for specific schools [and] colleges for their admission materials,” she said. “It has the potential to be used for a while but I do think the [creativity], etc., will change over time to keep it fresh.”

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