Around Campus: Temple Dining Options

On Temple’s main campus, students have a variety of choices when it comes to chowing down.

More often than not, college students are trying to manage their time wisely, under a lot of stress, and trying to find time to eat between classes or after meetings with different clubs and organizations.

On Temple’s main campus, students have a variety of choices when it comes to chowing down– two dining halls, the Student Center food court, and different food trucks and establishments. According to the Temple University Dining Services website, students living in campus residence halls of Johnson, Hardwick, Peabody, White Hall, 1940, or 1300, are required to have at least the Standard 10 Meal Plan of 10 meals per week with $150 Diamond Dollars, which costs students, or their parents, $1,391 per semester.

For a little more flexibility with dining time, or when hunger sets in and requires two meals during one meal period, students can choose Premium meal plans, although they range in price from $805.00 to $1,815.00 per semester. If these options don’t sound appealing, students can always go a different route and eat at the food pad near the Tech or stop by a food truck. Students still enjoy the food that is available through their meal plans, but many prefer to branch out from the Temple dining hall experience and try new things.

Lauren Shinbrot, a junior early-childhood education major, is amongst students who are fond of what the food trucks have to offer.

“I prefer to eat at a food truck because in my opinion, the quality of food is better and it’s still cheap,” Shinbrot said. “Plus, it’s on the way to classes so it’s convenient.”

Temple students do have the ability diversify their eating arrangements day by day. Those who tend to stick to the dining halls can still enjoy food trucks, and food truck connoisseurs are not excluded from dining halls, where cash, cards and Diamond Dollars are all accepted.

Adventurous palates need not be limited on campus.

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