At TUH, employees feel ‘electric’ before the Super Bowl

Temple University Hospital staff celebrated the Eagles’ upcoming Super Bowl appearance with a pep rally on Friday.

Emmett Harvard, a medical record clerk at TUH, has been waiting for the Philadelphia Eagles to win since 1960 — the last year the team won an NFL championship.

He was one of dozens of TUH employees treated to an Eagles pep rally at the hospital’s Broad Street entrance at noon on Friday to celebrate the Eagles’ upcoming appearance in the Super Bowl. The Eagles will play the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII in Minnesota on Sunday.

Since she started working at Temple University Hospital in 1991, Maria Young said it has always been a “close-knit” community.

But a win for the Eagles in the Super Bowl, Young said, will bring everyone even closer together.

“The mood is going to be hype,” said Young, a secretary for physical medicine and rehabilitation at TUH. “I hope everyone comes to work [on Monday]!”

Four members of the Mummers String Band played music at the event, including the Eagles fight song, “Fly, Eagles, Fly,” as well as other songs like “You Are My Sunshine” and “Yankee Doodle.” As some employees led multiple chants of the team fight song, organizers served green-and-white cupcakes decorated with an edible Eagles logo.

Employees of Temple University Hospital dance and sing at an Eagles pep rally held on Friday near the hospital’s Broad Street entrance. | JAMIE COTTRELL / THE TEMPLE NEWS

John Lasky, the chief human resources officer for Temple University Health System, said special events like the Eagles pep rally are important for building an engaged workplace. In the wake of the Eagles’ recent success, Lasky added that TUH employees have been overwhelmed with excitement.

“It’s highly energized, it’s electric,” Lasky said. “If good vibes have anything to do with it, and devotion, the Eagles are going to win.”

“We’ll feel proud,” Harvard said. “Instead of Boston winning all the championships, it would be Philadelphia in the mix.”

“It means I can walk around with my chest out and punch a few of them Cowboys fans,” Harvard added.

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