Bartholomew to be sworn in Monday

Lopez hosts final meeting as president.

The final Temple Student Government General Assembly meeting, held on Monday, April 29, focused on wrapping up business for the year and promoting Whose Your Landlord, a website started by Vice President of External Affairs Ofo Ezeugwu.

Whose Your Landlord launched on Oct. 24, 2012 and offers a place where potential renters can find reviews written by former tenants of landlords and college residence halls in the Philadelphia area.

At the meeting, Ezeugwu showed the General Assembly the website and respective blog and encouraged students to utilize the service.

Following Ezeugwu, Student Body President David Lopez wrapped up final business in regards to mail and banners student organizations needed to pick up.

Monday’s meeting marked the final General Assembly meeting Lopez and his administration would host.

Lopez changed the format of the meetings from the previous year by changing the meeting agendas and the physical set up.

“Last year, I think it was just very complicated and it just really didn’t work and there was no effort to try to change it even after we realized it wasn’t working,” Lopez said, adding. “This year, we just stream lined it and made it a little bit easier to understand and with that came a lot of involvement and that is really where we attracted a lot of students.”

“I think next year the team has a good base to go off from. I think we took it down to the bare minimum, so they could build it back up,” Lopez said.

Student Body President-elect Darin Bartholomew and the Temple United ticket will be inaugurated Monday, May 6.

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