Batey balances tennis with internship

Jordan Batey has been held out of some matches this season due to her internship commitment.


Jordan Batey is used to a daily grind both on and off the tennis court.

The senior has been a staple in the starting lineup for Temple the last three years.  But in what is her final season with the team, Batey has missed several matches this year – but not due to lack of performance.  Combining the fall and spring seasons, her singles record stands at 8-5.

Batey, a tourism and hospitality management major, is working on an internship and has not played since a March 2 match against Old Dominion, missing an important conference road trip to Texas where Temple played Houston and Southern Methodist earlier in in the month.

“It has definitely been more difficult trying to balance tennis and my internship because I have to do 12- to 14-hour days every day, which is a lot on the body,” Batey said. “But I am making it work and my body has gotten used to it.”

Despite having to take some time away from the tennis court, Batey said she has not been frustrated and knows what she’s dealing with.

“I understand that I have to meet both academic and athletic requirements and I understand that given the scale of both that I will have to miss certain things in order to give my best for both,” Batey said.

Coach Steve Mauro said he understands how important Batey is to the team and that what she’s doing off the tennis court is more important.

“She’s a big part of our team,” Mauro said.  “She’s a very good player.  I wish we could have her for every match but she needs to do this internship for her future.  I think that it’s great that she’s trying to set herself up for the future.”

Batey has posted a 69-31 career record in singles during her time at Temple. Mauro said she’ll be tough to replace when the internship causes conflicts.

“Jordan is a very talented player and she’s had a very successful career here at Temple, and I’ve enjoyed working with her during her four years,” Mauro added.

Junior Rebecca Breland has noticed the commitment Batey has shown both on and off the tennis court.

“I actually give her a lot of credit for doing what she’s doing because it doesn’t seem very easy,” Breland said. “Jordan has a lot of knowledge, she’s a real go-getter.”

As a junior, Breland said she knows that she could very well be in Batey’s shoes next year and find herself having to balance multiple commitments. Breland said Batey “seems to have everything figured out.”

“We do miss her, but in reality we know that we’re here for four years and we have to do tennis and school and she’s just trying to prepare herself for when she’s finished here, because we each only have to go out into the real world eventually,” Breland said. “We just want the best for her.”

Batey said she has felt the support of her teammates throughout the spring semester and that they all understand her situation.

“They have been supportive and understanding of my schedule and understanding that it is an academic requirement just like any class I would have had to take that would have interfered with tennis, except this is definitely on a greater scale,” Batey said.

Batey said she has tried to return the favor and act as a role model for her younger teammates who are all aware they will have important decisions to make and busier schedules to adhere to as their time at Temple eventually winds down as well.

“It is harder because of my schedule,” Batey said.  “I have a different weight and practice schedule, but I am making the best of it when I am there, and am always being a leader on the court and motivating and supporting all of the girls, especially during competition.”

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