Behold the six-day MP3 battery

If you ever feel the urge to go on a 153-hour jog, then you may need to invest in the MobiBlu DAH-1900. MobiBlu has announced that their newest MP3 player will be able to run for six-and-a-half days straight and will feature 2GB of storage.

If you like your MP3 player to be able to play videos and display pictures, you may be disappointed as the DAH-1900 features an energy-conserving display that only has functionality for two colors: yellow and blue.

The DAH-1900 does have voice recorder capability for recording lectures and an AM/FM tuner. MobiBlu’s marathon man is available at for $129.99.

Planon DocuPen RC800

The Plannon DocuPen RC800 is really a compact scanner with a pen attached. Just drag the pen down the page for “four to eight seconds” and transfer the contents to your computer via a USB cable. Suddenly that five-cent Bic pen you have doesn’t seem up to snuff. The RC800 scans in 24-bit color and, due to the pens nine-and-a-half inch length, can scan an entire page. While the pen can only store 8MB worth of images, expansion cards are available. If you have a bad memory or want to become a really enterprising cheater, the RC800 will hit your wallet hard with its $300 price tag, but is available now.

Programmable Liquid Container by Ipifini 

The Programmable Liquid Container by Ipifini enables you to add syrup flavoring to any drink with the push of a button. You can also add any coloring or fragrances. Seems rather ho-hum. 

Adding Cherry to my Coca-cola isn’t exactly knew. But when one imagines the party potential, things could get a little crazy. Save time and money on mixers and mixing and just hand your guests a programmable glass filled with additives. The Programmable Liquid Container has only just been patented and prototyped with no clear plans for production. 

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