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Philly is full of restaurants. There are so many, in fact, that choosing where to go can make you want to stay home and eat Ramen. But don’t be scared. The trick to finding your

Philly is full of restaurants. There are so many, in fact, that choosing where to go can make you want to stay home and eat Ramen. But don’t be scared. The trick to finding your Philly favorites is trying them all out. Here are a few that are worth your time and money.

Jones, located at 7th and Chestnut streets, is not your average restaurant. With all the schnaz of a James Bond movie, 70s ski lodge décor included, you’d expect a menu filled with slimy and expensive fish byproducts.
Don’t be so quick to judge, my friend. Open the menu and you will discover that you have just entered the kitchen of Carol Brady.

It has everything from meatloaf to macaroni and cheese, and we’re not talkin’ Easy Mac. It’s wall-to-wall comfort food and it’s delicious.
The Morning Glory Café is one of the last of a dying breed of diners. They serve up delicious home-cooked food that won’t break the bank. The cheery atmosphere, delicious entrees and friendly service make it a pleasure to visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
This local favorite is located at 735 S. 10th St.

Located in Philly’s beloved Chinatown, Vietnam Restaurant shines among the many dining options in the area. With an elegant and serene ambiance, Vietnam serves delicious traditional dishes at moderate prices. It is an ideal spot for an intimate gathering or a large group. The chicken in a clay pot is mouth watering and tender, and the special coconut drink is a sweet treat to complement your meal.
Vietnam Restaurant is located at 221 N. 11th St.

Looking for a mellow evening of great music and food? In Philly, you’ve got a couple of options. Some that stick out are Zanzibar Blue, Warmdaddy’s and Chris’s Jazz Café. All three feature live music nightly and serve a variety of delicious entrees. Zanzibar is a bit more on the upscale side and caters to theatergoers along the Avenue of the Arts, but also attracts true jazz and blues lovers from all over the city. There you’ll find delicious international cuisine in a hip, stylish setting.

Warmdaddy’s is a contemporary jazz club. It’s a popular hangout not only for its great jazz acts, but for its comfortable atmosphere and good food as well. Southern-style food, with lots of barbecue, catfish and crawdad, are the best down-home cookin’ this side of Opelika. A variety of music, ranging from smooth rhythm & blues to big band to jazz, comes to life each weekend with performers from all around the country. One of the best jazz clubs in the city, Warmdaddy’s has quickly built a reputation as a popular hangout for college-age music fans.

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Under 21
For the under 21 crowd, you don’t need to have a fake ID to have fun in Philadelphia.
The bars and clubs of this Philadelphia landmark are a hot spot for college students on weekends, but there are lots of things to do even if you aren’t drinking.

One example is the comedy club, The Laff House. Located in the heart of South Street, the club has become a great place to see local and up-and-coming talent. Comics from the Philadelphia area, and those on tour, stop by the club routinely to entertain crowds, especially college-age kids looking for laughs on a Friday night. Ticket prices are moderate compared to other clubs in the area, and its location in one of the city’s liveliest districts makes it even more attractive. The Laff House is considered by many the best comedy club in Philadelphia.
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While some associate bowling with their childhood birthday parties, lots of college students hit the lanes on weekends to gather with large groups of their friends. Thunderbird Lanes, on Holme Ave., is one of the particularly frequented bowling alleys in the Philadelphia area. For college students who bring their ID, they offer unlimited bowling for two hours, the laser light show (midnight bowling), and music by Rock300 Satellite Music Service.

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