‘Bomb threat’ TU Alert a system error, police say

The Health Sciences Campus is safe, after a test message was “inadvertently” sent to the Temple community Friday morning.


The Health Sciences Campus is safe after a test bomb threat was “inadvertently” issued through a TU Alert on Friday morning, police said.

The TU Alert notified the Temple and North Philadelphia community that there was a bomb threat issued at a steam plant at 1218 W Ontario Street, across from the Health Sciences Campus. Charlie Leone, the executive director of Campus Safety Services, told The Temple News that the message was “sent inadvertently to the whole community” but was an internal test message that was not meant to be sent.

Students were alarmed by the threat, posting about the alert on Twitter.



An additional TU Alert was sent 20 minutes after the initial alert, explaining there is no threat to the Health Sciences Campus.

An evaluation will be completed to see how the alert was sent by error, Leone added.

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