Brace yourself. Leggings are back.

Brace yourself. Leggings are back. And they are no longer just worn by Suzanne Somers in 80s aerobics videos, but will be the basis of many fall fashion choices.

Made up of a cotton-Lycra blend, creating a soft spandex feel and without the stirrup, the new leggings reach about 7 or 8 inches above the ankle.

“The legging is versatile, trendy, dressy, and even comfortable for any occasion,” said Express co-manager and senior Kristen Hanejko.

Hanejko’s favorite combo includes black leggings paired with black pumps, an extra long cotton dress shirt with black waist belt and black clutch.

“This look is comfortable and stylish,” Hanejko said, “which is convenient and a top notch look for the bar and club scenes.” The entire look, with accessories from Express, comes to about $160.

Tammy Jo, an H&M associate, placed the black or brown legging underneath a red sundress and paired the outfit with a long pearl necklace and clunky bracelets.

“The legging is so useful for those outfits you already own, which need a bit of a pick-me-up,” Jo said. “This makes the legging resourceful.”

She also placed the legging underneath an extra long sweatshirt, making it the pants of the outfit.

“This look is very 80s,” she said. “But it’s modern enough to be pulled off without needing to be in an aerobics class.” H&M’s leggings start at $15. The store has some of the most trendy yet cheap accessories and clothes in the city, making it the perfect stop for an eclectic piece to add to your wardrobe.

“Do not wear them with shorts,” said Mandee’s associate Diane Hayes. “You have a pair of bottoms on already, so do not add to it. Secondly, overalls and leggings are not a perfect match.”

Hayes paired light gray leggings with silver skulls on the sides with a black skirt, gray and blue wife-beaters, and a white headband. Hayes said she thought the look was “hot and cute, but not over the top.”

Mandee’s leggings start at $15 and skirts start at $20. Ribbed tanks and headbands are both within the $10 range.

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