calling all cosmonauts

Calling all Cosmonauts… Stellarscope will be emitting a brand new set of interstellar soundscapes at CLUB 218 (2nd Floor of Maloki’s) 218 South Street Philly 215.829.8940 this FRIDAY APRIL 16th with Lefturn, Modern Danger, &

Calling all Cosmonauts…

Stellarscope will be emitting a brand new set of
interstellar soundscapes at CLUB 218 (2nd Floor of
Maloki’s) 218 South Street Philly 215.829.8940 this
FRIDAY APRIL 16th with Lefturn, Modern Danger, & the
Pilot Light

Also, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the best
festival ever to hit the Northeast of the US…
DATE: Sunday June 27th
TIME: Starts at 11am ends at Midnight.
COVER: FREE for all attending
VENUE: The Rotunda
(UPENN CAMPUS, University City)
4014 walnut street philadelphia, pa 19104
*Sciflyer (CA)*Lockgroove (Boston)*Charlene
(Boston)*Starter Culture (Philly)*
*Carson’s Machine (Philly)*Graze (Philly)*Alcian Blue
(DC)*Plastron (Philly)*
*The Defog (Philly)*A Place to Bury Strangers
(NYC)*Scattered Planets (Philly)*
*Collette Carter (Philly)*Project Skyward
(NYC)*Stellarscope (Philly)*Brasilia (NYC)*

Who said there was not a scene any more.

New tracks by stellarscope available here tracks: Universe
and She Said: “it is”
as always feedback is greatly appreciated.

More great reviews of Stellarscope…

Philadelphia spacey rock trio, Stellarscope, make some
fine modern psychedelia that’s 100% old school with no
annoying trendy fillers added. “Perception is Reality”
is the song to beat here, with its swirly drug-rock
influences that recall The Jesus and Mary Chain,
Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Blur and The
Cocteau Twins all at once. I love it. Drummer Bob
Foreman is an absolute animal who’s all-over-the-kit
style reminds me of some great drummers like Budgie
from The Banshees, the late Keith Moon and Alice
Cooper drummer, Neal Smith. I would like to hear an
entire album by this band, and I don’t say that very
often. My only hesitation is that the name
Stellarscope sounds an awful lot like StellaStar, a
band that’s getting more than its fair share of praise
and hype right now. So the similarity in names could
be good or bad, depending on which side of the fence
you’re on with StellaStar. But of the two bands, I
like Stellarscope better.
-Gail Worley – Starpolish

The Germany-based Alison Records label have
specialised in the promotion of shoegazing more than
most and Stellarscope dutifully oblige with an album
that is full to the brim with FX-saturated
histrionics. Led by Tommy Lugo, ‘Fingerpaint The
Colour Of Sound’ ticks all the relevant boxes for
influences, from Lush to Ride to Slowdive. ‘Face Of
The Deep’ is their most convincing calling card; an
anthem of escalating guitars matched by an atmosphere
of impending menace with Lugo’s sneer providing an
unshiftable threat. Also worth special mention are the
pounding ‘Perception Is Reality’ whilst the toned-down
‘Matters Of The Heart’ is a welcome moment of clarity
and the exemplary space rock of ‘What U R’ will be
familiar to those who heard Enraptured’s brilliant
‘Bedroom Ambience 3’ compilation.
… for all shoegazing obsessives this record should
keep the faithful contented.

-Jon- Leonard’s Lair

Band: Stellarscope
Album: Something Delicious E.P.
Label: Alison Records
Release Date: N/A
Reviewed by: Kevin Kapala
Posted: Mar 18, 2004

I’ve been listening to so much of the HEAVY for so
long that this CD was somewhat of a treat … a bit of a
break from the norm for me. The sound on
Stellarscope’s three song E.P. is reminiscent of
mid-sixties psych rock. If I had to make a comparison,
I would say Baby Woodrose mixed with The Stone Roses
crossed by astral sound washes.

The first song is straight 60’s Brit psych rock
replete with heavy Dallas Arbiter Fuzzface fuzz in the
right channel that offsets the clean jangle in the
left. It took me awhile to get it, but the dynamic
works here … making the track more interesting to
listen to.

On song two, Stellarscope shows the Polyphonic Spree a
thing or two in the vocal department… without being
overbearing as their white robed brethren. The vocal
work here is outstanding. The track is laden with
lush, multiple vocal tracks that weave in and out from
each other … nothing less than trippy.

Song three is quite dreamy and my least favorite. It
reminds me too much of the horn-rimmed glasses crowd
sitting around sipping lattes and nodding their beret
topped heads in appreciation on a Tuesday night at
Borders … all the members seem to be trying a little
too hard here and it’s just not my bag. Furthermore,
song number three has digital ‘skipping’ and would
drive one nuts if you were a bit ‘out of yer head’.

However, this E.P. delivers the goods. As for my
personal opinion, give me more of the first two songs
on a long-player and you have the makings of a rather
unique album … the soundtrack to a breezy, lazy summer
day with stars in your hair. For a three piece, these
cats surely make a lot of sweet noise. They are
purveyors of the psych rock of yesteryear. Dig it.

Transmission over…

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