Campus cafe in Speakman Hall brings a touch of jazz

Jazzman’s Café is a new addition to the business school.

Jazzman’s Café serves coffee with a creative concept in a quaint setting, perfect for students to gather throughout the day.

The café opened at the beginning of this semester, and it is conveniently located on the second floor of Speakman Hall. Jazzman’s arrives on Main Campus from Sodexo’s Retail Brand Group. The trendy coffeehouse offers a selection of coffees that come from sustainable sources.

“Jazzman’s uses Seattle’s Best Coffee,” said Mindy Segal, director of operations for Sodexo. “The coffee profile itself is a milder, more gentle blend than Starbucks.”

Jazzman's Café connects Speakman and Alter Halls (Tracy Galloway/TTN).

Jazzman’s sells an assortment of coffees including white chocolate mocha, cappuccino latte and creme brulée. The café also serves teas, hot chocolate, berry-flavored smoothies and pastries.

“With Sodexo running most food places on campus, with the exception of the food pad and food trucks, it’s a challenge to provide variation in food choices,” Segal said. “We have the ability to also change our menu on a daily basis.”

Students can enjoy a wide selection of foods and beverages, while listening to a special blend of eclectic jazz music at Jazzman’s.

Junior marketing major Marlene Waugh enjoys the atmosphere Jazzman’s brings to the Fox School of Business.

“Being that class and campus in general is crowded, so busy and fast paced, coming in here slows you down and puts you at ease,” Waugh said. “It kind of makes you chill I guess.”

Another perk offered by Jazzman’s is its listing of nutritional facts on its Web site. Students can check nutritional values for products sold at the café. Information available ranges from calories of caramel pecan cookies to peanut butter and jelly muffins.

“We have over 800 items we serve around campus, and it’s nice to see what you’re getting at the store and that’s something we’re trying to make available everywhere,” Segal said. “Jazzman’s follows the nutritional code of exactly what you see on the Web site.”

Joyce Badolato, a cashier at the café, enjoys the slower and quieter pace at Jazzman’s compared to the busyness at Starbucks, where she used to work.

“All of the food we get here is made fresh on a daily basis at the Student Center,” Badolato said. “Sales have picked up immensely since the beginning of the semester. I usually start out with 20 something sandwiches, and by the middle of the day, I usually have to call to get another batch

Aaron Dvorin said he prefers Jazzman’s more than the Lucky Cup Café, which used to be in the same area in Speakman Hall.

“It’s changed a lot since last year. It’s so much more open and welcoming for new students and people who have never been here,” the senior accounting major said.

Fan-Yun Lin, a junior marketing major, appreciates the prices at Jazzman’s.

“My latte [at Jazzman’s] is a lot cheaper than the one at Starbucks,” Lin said. “I wish it was open 24 hours.”

Jazzman’s Café accepts all meal plans, Diamond Dollars, cash and credit cards. Its hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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