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Fashion rewind

Hairspray bands languished in the ’80s, but their frilly fashion trends traveled through a time warp to your closets today. From skinny jeans to cinched waists, these styles are making a comeback on campus, circa

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Danny Tanner no more

CAMDEN – Bob Saget was at the Tweeter Center Saturday night performing among nine other comedians on “Opie and Anthony’s Traveling Virus Tour.” The Temple News caught up with television’s most loveable dad and chatted

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Sing out loud

Karaoke, long a tradition in Japan, has finally clawed its way across the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, found its way to the Schuylkill River and died on the front step of the city we

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People You Should Know

Turning Japanese

Christopher George Wink, 20, has traveled all around the globe from Mexico to Africa. Born in New York and raised in Newton, N.J., Wink can now add Japan to his list of international excursions. Wink,

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Turning houses into homes

Laredo, Texas – For some, spring break is a time for drinking and beaches. For a proud and select group of Temple students, that first full week in March presents an opportunity to do something