A relatively new organization, radio station WHIP 91.3 FM, is valiantly trying to gain a prominent seat as an entertainment and information outlet for Temple students.

Since their first broadcast in April 2000, WHIP has continually advanced their goals for student involvement and listenership. But interior and exterior improvements to the Student Activities Center have greatly hindered the station’s progress and potential.

Recently WHIP has increased their efforts for expansion, eyeing an end to the construction – at which point they plan to relocate.

After moving, the first objective is to get the campus wired. At the moment WHIP staff members are raising funds to obtain speakers so a student voice can be heard from Cecil B. Moore to Diamond. The residence halls, the cafeteria, the IBC and anyplace outside where people congregate are a few of the proposed locations.

“The first order of business is to wire the campus. To hit the students,” said Director of Public Relations Moe Franklin.

At the moment 91.3 FM can only be heard in the SAC, the frequency power is so low even vendors directly outside the building are unable to hear the 8am-8pm, Monday through Friday broadcast.

Current fund raising efforts continue with wiring in mind. Recently the Temple bookstore offered a small sponsorship for `Melodies at the Cove’ a night of performances at the Owl Cove.

WHIP has solicited money by the simple act of placing a banner or flag, sent to them by a given company, at an event. More events are on the way along with a fund drive and a phone drive in the spring.

“It may only take one big sponsor to put us over the top,” Franklin said.

Being a non-profit station, it is difficult to gain funds via advertisers – WHIP is restricted to underwriting spots. This subtle method of verbal product placement allows for a DJ to talk about a product, rather than openly endorse it, and spout those familiar words, “Brought to you by.”

With this slight restriction comes the bountiful freedom DJs have to play an incredibly diverse selection of music for one station. WHIP boasts segments of Latin, Reggae, Country, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Jazz, R & B, Rock and Club music.

Connected with Temple jazz and classical station WRTI, whose staff serves as mentors and advisors for the student staff, the people of WHIP are sure of their roots and purpose in the Temple community.

“(We want) to provide a training ground for broadcast students,” Franklin said.

Essential to this goal is getting information out to students and to raise general involvement on campus, which Franklin believes has been on a steady decline the past few years. Raising awareness and involvement is not new to WHIP, which stands for We Have Infinite Potential.

With all the construction, Franklin said it seems Temple is “trying to build an identity” and WHIP will definitely help form and be a part of that new image.

Franklin emphasized his beliefs that while broadcasts are catered to students the station will also benefit Temple University as a whole, helping the campus “come alive.”

WHIP is always looking for new members, DJs and radio personalities. Departmental meetings are held after general meetings, on Thursdays at 6:30 in room 308 of the SAC. Departments include Production, Traffic, Promotions, Public Relations, Business and News, which is currently seeking writers.

Though tunes from the station are stuck inside the SAC, WHIP staff members have a positive outlook towards the future.

“We do get support, but there is always room for motivated people and ideas,” Franklin said. “We’re just looking for motivated people who want to get involved.”

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