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So, your name’s not Kris Kringle. You’ve been strapped for cash all year, and there’s no sign of a Christmas miracle. Not to worry. Here are a few suggestions of cheap gifts for your loved

So, your name’s not Kris Kringle.

You’ve been strapped for cash all year, and there’s no sign of a Christmas miracle.

Not to worry.

Here are a few suggestions of cheap gifts for your loved ones.

What’s important is that it really is “the thought that counts” at this time of year.

There is no better way of showing that you actually pay attention to your loved one’s individuality than to get them a cheap, yet thoughtful present.

More meaningful does not necessarily mean more money.

For Her

1.It’s getting pretty cold outside, so a matching hat, scarf and glove set will probably receive a warm welcome.

2. Most women can be won over by a cute stuffed animal.

Feel free to pick from a holiday teddy bear or even find a character from her favorite cartoon or children’s program.

For an extra touch, add a small box of her favorite candies or chocolates.

3. Be aware that some women are allergic to or simply not into costume jewelry.

However, stud earrings, ID bracelets or chains, or cute charm bracelets or anklets are good ideas too.

4. If she likes to write, a matching journal and pen set featuring her favorite designs and/or colors may be in order.

5. For the avid reader, perhaps you should give a book by her favorite author or a theme of interest, if you aren’t sure of a title.

6. Lots of women enjoy smelling good almost as much as you would enjoy them smelling good to you.

Therefore, if you decide to pick out fragrant lotions, body washes, etc., try to purchase a scent that both of you will like.

7. In tune with her musical side?

Give a CD featuring her favorite artist or group.

If she is the type of fan that already has the older albums and newest releases, look for artists of a similar genre, or be creative and make a CD of your own!

8. What is her favorite movie of all time?

If she already owns a copy, what about a copy of a movie that you both saw together?

Needless to say that you need to be sure if she has a DVD player before you buy.

9. Take a picture you have of her, you and her together, or of someone else of importance to her, enhance or crop the size at one of those drugstore photo centers, and buy a nice frame to put it in.

10. Cook for her!

This will sit especially well with the older women in your life.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate, perhaps a baked good nicely wrapped in holiday cellophane or tissue paper.

Even if you aren’t the best cook in the world, your thoughtfulness will definitely override the bad taste.

For Him,/b>

Ladies, most of us would agree that the only thing harder than shopping for a picky female is a not-so-picky male.

Guys usually don’t have gift preferences, but, if they do, more than likely their request is far beyond the typical college student’s price range.

Even so, here are a few tips that may put a smile on his face without putting a dent in your bank account.

1. Although the whole socks/ties/underwear gift may seem a bit taboo, let’s face it: some of the men in our lives need these things.

But try to be a little creative and give something like an unexpected style or color — nothing too outrageous, just something that says you thought past “tighty-whities.”

2. For the sports fan, there are many different gifts you can buy that agree with your budget.

A more popular choice would be to buy a t-shirt or baseball cap featuring his favorite team’s logo.

For the actual athlete, accessories like sweat and arm bands are also beneficial.

There are even some sports that sell sporting goods within your price range (i e basketballs, baseballs, bats, and gloves, etc.)

3. Guys like music sometimes more than girls.

A CD featuring his favorite music group or genre will work as well.

4. It’s no secret that guys are into movies.

If he already has a copy of his favorite on both VHS and DVD, see if there’s a new release out that features his favorite actress.

5. Give him a poster to decorate those bare walls of his.

Find something of interest, sports, music, movies, whatever.

If you are willing to go an extra mile, get it framed as well.

Final tip: Try to stay away from cash or gift certificates.

For one, no gift is a more impersonal and less thoughtful way of saying “I have no idea of who you are and what you want”.

Besides, no one really needs to know how much money you are willing to spend on them, do they?

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