City art not bound by campus

Campus Philly offers deals at art museums.

Living in the confines of the Temple community, it is easy to forget all of the culturally enriching places there are to visit in Philadelphia.

To help remind students of all the city has to offer, the organization Campus Philly holds an annual College Day on the last Saturday in September, allowing students a free pass to many of the attractions by by showing their school ID.

This year, College Day will be Sept. 28. Campus Philly has prepared a variety of activities to participate in, including visits to the art and science museums.

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Perleman Building, Eastern State Penitentiary and the National Constitution Center are just a few of the places available to visit.

“It is definitely a worthwhile experience for our students to not only see the wonderful institutions in Philly, but to become immersed in the culture here,” Grace Ahn, an admissions counselor for Tyler School of Art, said. “I think it is equally important for Tyler students to experience the city Temple is set in.”

Starting at the steps of the art museum, there will be live music, provided by Philly’s craft beer DJ project Choice Tasters Selectors. Food trucks will cater the event.

For art and music majors, it is an opportunity to see the work of other artists and musicians and gain perspective on how much creativity this city has.

“I think it is a fantastic idea on Campus Philly’s part to have this day for students,” Ephraim Schafli, a second-year masters student and music history major, said. “I would hope that a lot of students take advantage of it.”

Many art and music students said the deals are a good opportunity to experience the city. Some also said they might find College Day more worth it if the museums offered “a little something extra.”

“I live right near [Benjamin Franklin Parkway], so I would probably go if the museums had something new going on, like a brand new exhibit,” Matt Gould, a first-year master’s student and music performance major said. “I think offering something new to see would make it more worthwhile.”

The event caters to students new to the area who have yet to experience a large part of the city. College Day typically occurs at the beginning of the fall semester for students to explore the artistic side of Philadelphia.

“I would totally take advantage of College Day,” Gabby Turgoose, a senior art history major, said. “As a former Owl Team Leader, I definitely think freshmen would love it too, to be able to see more of the city.”

While many of the places that are part of College Day offer discounts to students on a regular basis, Campus Philly recognizes that even with a discount, the trip to these museums is still outside the budget of an ordinary college student.

By holding College Day every year, Campus Philly helps to break the financial barriers that hold a lot of students back, making it easy for every student to take advantage of Philadelphia’s most popular places to visit.

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