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Halloween is the only time of the year when people can morph into someone – or something – other than themselves. Taking advantage of it can be fun – but with midterms looming, it’s easy

Halloween is the only time of the year when people can morph into someone – or something – other than themselves.

Taking advantage of it can be fun – but with midterms looming, it’s easy to forget about preparing a costume.

You wish that girl sitting next to you in your history class was a real genie, so she could snap her fingers and poof – you’d be ready for tonight. But she’s not. So here’s a little help with some last minute ideas.

Kmart, at the Gallery at Market East, has creepy ghoul and goblin masks ranging from $5 to $13. If you’re willing to drop $20 to $35, you can be a French maid, tavern keeper, pirate, sparkly fairy, zombie or even a hippie.

If you’re going for something different, a battery-operated plastic costume may be what you are looking for. If you follow the instructions provided in the package, a fan will blow into the costume, giving you the effect of a sumo wrestler, an overweight ballerina or a personal trainer. You can also appear to be riding on an ostrich, horse or bull. Rocking one of these will cost you $35 at Kmart.

The Masquerade Costume Superstore, 1100 S. Columbus Blvd., will have exactly what you’re looking for – but it will be pricey. It also carries accessories, make-up, wigs, hats and props to give your costume the perfect finishing touch. But if you don’t want to spend that much money, or want something more original, the best place to look is your closet.

Smiling British Oorbit Gum lady

Duplicating Vanessa Branch’s preppy look will depend on which commercial you remember best. But for the blond look, Rite Aid and Kmart have wigs for about $6. Don’t forget to stand up straight, smile brightly and proudly hold a pack of Orbit gum. But the most important thing to remember is to say the perky, British-accented “fabulous.”

Cross dresser

You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? Go to a friend or sibling of the opposite sex and borrow an outfit. How many people can you fool?

iPod dancer

Black ski mask. Black sunglasses. Black shirt. Black gloves. Black pants. Black socks. Black Shoes. White iPod. Dance to your favorite tunes without a care in the world. (IMPORTANT: carry a flashlight
with you at night, or take off your shirt and have something bright underneath so you are visible to motorists).


Sometimes it seems like the weather reporter isn’t even from this area. With whatever predictions you may have, it’s not too farfetched from what they are saying.

Dress in a nice business suit and – since there is a 50 percent chance of rain – carry an umbrella with you. Or take a ruler and a shovel, because it is expected to snow two feet by the end of the night.

Slumber bum

Halloween is the one day when you can wear pajamas, night slippers and carry your teddy bear all day without people judging you. For a more authentic look, don’t bother with the hair or make-up.

Prom queen

Who still has her $300 prom gown in the closet collecting dust? You said it would be used for only one night, but now you can put it to use again. For cheap, but gorgeous accessories, including
the tiara – Claire’s is the place to be. There is one located in the Shops at Liberty Place, 1625 Chestnut St.

Where’s Waldo?

This will only work well if you have at least five other friends who don’t have costumes either. Everyone must have on blue jeans and a white shirt with red stripes.The stripes can be created with red electrical tape, which are sold at hardware stores and dollar stores. Whoever plays Waldo can’t forget to wear black round glasses and a red and white striped hat.

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