Commando’s boxer-in-jean creation has its share of wrinkles

Going commando has its perks. There’s a little more room for things and it cuts down on laundry, but I was a little hesitant when asked if I would actually go commando for an assignment.

Going commando has its perks. There’s a little more room for things and it cuts down on laundry, but I was a little hesitant when asked if I would actually go commando for an assignment.

A free pair of jeans from an upstart clothing company with a relatively novel concept could be interesting, but, wait, what? Really? One free pair of jeans and some schmoozing later, and, well, I’m here – going commando.

The company Commando Jeans has taken boxers, turned them inside out – so the soft side of the cotton touches the skin – and stitched them inside dark denim boot cut jeans. It’s a concept so odd that I initially made fun of it and then had to try it out firsthand. Turns out, they aren’t half bad.

Stitching the boxers into the jeans eliminates the possibility of a wedgie and the boxers can’t ride, because they’re stitched from the waist band down to the bottom hem of the boxer.

Walking around free from the threat of wedgies is, I have to admit, a beautiful thing. But being comfortable wouldn’t mean anything if the jeans looked and fit like my Gap carpenters from seventh grade.

Fortunately, Commando has designed its boxer-in-jean creation by keeping with the trends. They’ve done very little distressing to the jeans, following this year’s trend to limit the sandblasting and ripping. And Commando has developed its own signature back pocket stitching, a standard requirement now in the high-end (or high-end hopefuls) jean industry.

While going commando is fun and I do it regularly (though I’ll spare you with the details except to say that I only do it with gym shorts), there are two wrinkles in Commando’s great idea.

First, going commando while wearing jeans presents several hazards to guys, the first being the big, bad, ugly zipper. I have always hated, as do most guys I know, a button fly.

With Commando’s jeans, the zipper has the potential to cause some serious pain, say when you go on an imbibing binge and eight beers in find yourself standing in front of a urinal in Old City screaming in pain.

Normally, wearing boxers prevents this because all the goods are tucked behind a layer of cotton. When wearing Commando Jeans, the sewn-in boxers part ways along with the zipper, making this hazard a frightening reality.

Qualm No. 2: Boxers are worn once, but most people I know, including myself, wash jeans only after several wears or if they get a stain.

In fact I have a formula: The amount I paid for a pair of jeans is directly proportional to length of time I wait between washes. The more you wash a pair of jeans, the more the original detailing will fade.

Having your boxers attached to the jeans means you’ll have to wash them with every wear. I don’t know which is worse, the extra laundry or a faded pair of jeans.

Commando has a great idea and being able to wear a nicely fitted pair of jeans without the threat of a wedgie is nice, but scary zippers and extra laundry aren’t my thing.

If you do decide to go commando, the jeans did fit a little more snugly then the rest of the jeans I wear, so I would suggest purchasing them one size larger than your normal size.

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