Concerns over campaign finances delay TSG elections announcement

The Elections Committee said the election announcements were delayed for a day while it investigated a campaigns funds — which were found to be within the limit.

Activate TU and Connecting TU debated for the last time Monday night, where they discussed the proposed on-campus stadium, how TSG should represent student interests and the structure of Parliament for next year. JAMIE COTTRELL FOR THE TEMPLE NEWS

The Temple Student Government Elections Committee delayed the elections results to Friday while it investigated campaign finances for one of the two teams running.

According to a release from the committee, initial estimates showed that Activate TU spent more than the $1,000 cap on campaign spending. Noah Goff, TSG’s elections commissioner, decided to further investigate the spending and found that the campaign could “prove that their finances were in order.”

The committee voted against disqualifying Activate TU at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday.  The elections announcements were moved from 9:30 Thursday morning to noon on Friday to give the Elections Committee time to deliberate.

The committee suspended campaigning¬†activities Activate TU for about an hour on Wednesday, before voting closed. A member of Connecting TU, the other ticket running for TSG’s Executive Branch, said there was confusion as to whether the campaigns could campaign at the Bell Tower on Wednesday, which led to the suspension.

Both teams campaigned at the Bell Tower that day.

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