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When the university polls students, it’s better able to serve the population.

The university’s method to garner student input about Fall Break through a poll on TU Portal is a creative way to hear student voices.

While students aren’t required to answer the poll question, they must do so to access their TU Portal account. This makes students more likely to participate and the poll more effective.

The Temple News is glad the university has increased its effort to receive student input, and hopes this is not a one-time interaction. It is essential for Temple to include students when it comes to decisions that directly affect them.

While the decision is not made directly through votes, it’s important for the university to show they value student opinions.

Temple should make student input a norm in its policy making, but it cannot stop there. It is essential that the university is transparent in how student input will be weighed by decision-makers.

Mandatory surveys should be quick, simple and important. This most recent survey through TU Portal is an example of that, and this method should be used more often.

Perhaps specific schools and colleges on campus could utilize polling through TU Portal as well, as a way to make decisions that will affect specific groups of students.

The Temple News hopes the university will be responsible with all student input it gathers and continue to do so — whether it is related to Fall Break or not — and seriously consider student responses.

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