Continue practicing tolerance

When on or around Main Campus, be respectful and acknowledge each others’ differences.

It’s been one week since ballots were cast in the United States presidential election and Donald Trump became the nation’s president-elect.

Since then, there have been a range of emotions on Main Campus. Some have been celebrating his victory, while others expressed disappointment at Hillary Clinton’s loss. Some students expressed their feelings in peaceful protests on Main Campus near the Bell Tower last Wednesday and in various protests across the city last week.

Jesse Council, a sophomore marketing major, said at a rally on Wednesday that many people he knows feel distraught.

“I know too many different types of people and a lot of them are discouraged,” Council said. “A lot of them feel like they’re not being heard.” 

Others are hopeful when they think about the future of the country under Trump’s leadership.

“I don’t agree with everything Trump said or what he’s been accused of doing,” said sophomore media studies and production major Allison Reitenbach. “But I believe in the government system … and the representatives … that they’ll work as a whole.”

We recognize that the outcome of this presidential election is an emotional one  for some, and last Wednesday we urged members of the Temple community to take care of their mental and physical health as well as their physical safety. We’ve seen reports of hate speech, racist rhetoric, violence and clashing ideologies across the country in the last few days.

While members of the Temple community don’t have to agree with people who think differently than they do, they should recognize and value that these differences exist. While on or around Main Campus, be tolerant of others’ feelings and opinions. After all, tolerance and freedom of expression are the principles on which our country was founded.

We admire that the conversations and expressions following Trump’s election have been largely respectful. These reactions have been productive and thoughtful.

We hope they continue to be this way the rest of the semester and as Trump unveils plans for the nation.

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