Court date set for AEPi president

Ari Goldstein, the fraternity’s former president, will return to court Dec. 11 on sexual assault-related charges.

Ari Goldstein, the former president of Temple University’s suspended chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi, could begin trial for his first round of sexual assault-related charges as early as 2019, his attorney said.

Goldstein will return to court on Dec. 11 for his third pretrial hearing, which is an opportunity for lawyers to make motions that would set boundaries for trial.

The upcoming hearing comes after Goldstein’s defense attorney Perry de Marco Sr. asked Court of Common Pleas Judge Robert Coleman for more time for discovery, or the collection of evidence. 

Goldstein was arrested for one round of sexual assault-related charges on May 15. He was arrested again for separate sexual assault-related charges on Aug. 7, after a second alleged victim came forward. 

The two alleged victims testified in court that Goldstein attempted to force the women to perform oral sex on him.

Goldstein is being held on seven charges for the first alleged incident, including indecent assault, attempted rape, attempted sexual assault, unlawful restraint, simple assault, false imprisonment and “refrain from report,” or obstructing a witness or victim’s ability to report a crime. He was charged with seven separate, but similar sexual assault-related charges in the second case.

While there has not been a motion to consolidate the charges, de Marco said the defense would “strenuously oppose” consolidation because he wants each case looked at separately.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office could not be reached for comment.

De Marco said the trial for the first set of charges could begin as soon as early 2019 or as late as a year from now. External factors like the judge’s schedule and any possible pre-trial motions, like consolidation, would delay the trial. 

“Time is always good for the defense,” de Marco said. “It gives us more time to prepare, more time to have a more organized strategy.”

De Marco has indicated Goldstein will plead not guilty to the charges. 

“When [Goldstein] testifies at the trial, he’s going to give you the truth because he has nothing to hide because he did nothing wrong, there was no crime done,” de Marco told media on July 19.

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