Demolition seen as positive for area student

The University Services Building was demolished on Jan. 12 to make room for more university housing.

Under dark clouds, Sah-quanna Epps awaited the 3 bus at the corner of Broad Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue. Just one block ahead, the remains of Temple’s University Services Building joined the raindrops in the Sunday afternoon sky.

Epps, an 18-year-old high school student who lives at 29th Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue, said she was hesitant about the demolition of the building until she found out it was so the university could build another dorm as a part of its 2020 plan.

“There’s not a lot of places to live around here,” Epps said, hugging her black umbrella. “There are Temple students that live on my block, and they pay a lot to live in a three-bedroom house.”

But don’t expect Epps, who is graduating from high school this year, to be living on Temple’s campus or even in Philadelphia.

“I’m going to college, but I’m going to do a two-year program, get a job and then eventually go to college to become more efficient,” she said, “but I want to go away.”

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  1. I’m a Temple grad and I used to work for years in USB at Temple Univ. Press. I feel really nauseated and saddened that the USB has been destroyed. It feels like a betrayal. As an alumni, I feel that I wasn’t properly brought up-to-date about this latest venture. I guess this info is disbursed now on a need-to-know basis only. Really sad…that’s all…

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