Diverse deans needed

The Tyler School of Art should look to include diverse candidates in its applicant pool.

Temple announced four candidates applying for the role of dean in the Tyler School of Art, but none of them are people of color.

A third of Tyler’s student body is not white.

When the Beasley School of Law began searching for deans, it put out a call for candidates from non-traditional backgrounds. Why couldn’t Tyler do the same?

Temple constantly boasts its diversity among the student body and should start making efforts to stake that claim in its administration.

A majority of the deans at Temple are white men, but less than half of the student body is male, and only a little more than 55 percent of the student body is white, according to the 2016 Student Profile.

Temple needs to make a more concerted effort as an institution to better represent its students. But this cannot happen when diverse applicants are not even being considered for these leadership positions. The Temple News encourages the university to be more deliberate in seeking out diverse talent for roles in the administration.

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