Don’t pick your nose in class

I’ll spare you the weepy introduction about how I’m so sad to leave Temple. The truth is I’m not sad. Why? Because I’m not leaving. Nope. I’m here until May. Some people would call me

I’ll spare you the weepy introduction about how I’m so sad to leave Temple. The truth is I’m not sad. Why? Because I’m not leaving. Nope. I’m here until May. Some people would call me crazy for deciding to stay an extra semester, but I guess I just love Temple that much. Since I won’t be on the TN staff next semester, I have collected ten pieces of advice for you — the “younger generation” — to take throughout your years at Temple. Besides the obvious social rule found in this story’s headline, follow the forthcoming wisdom and, in the words of Naughty By Nature, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.”

  • Get your FREE Student Handbook & Planner: These little books feature a full year’s calendar, important dates such as graduation day (wouldn’t want to miss that, right?) and every damn rule you’d ever need to follow (wow, imagine, copying your friend’s term paper isn’t allowed). Seriously though, doing well in school is all about organization. You need this baby.
  • Support student-coordinated events: Even if they are after hours, you can’t argue that some cool things go on around campus. Did you know that there was a Karakoe party in the Student Center this semester? Or that students took a trip to “The Maury Povich Show”? Or that a classic ska band played the Owl Cove? If you don’t go, then you just don’t know.
  • Eat FREE food: It’s not as prominent as it should be, but if he/she looks, the hungry sleuth can find free food at least three times a week. From doughnuts to hoagies to coffee, free always seems to taste better.
  • Play Frisbee: Probably the best stress reliever and a lot safer than casual sex or hard drugs. The grass near the Bell Tower is my preferred Frisbee forum.
  • Use the Library, PALCI and online databases: I never seem to find half the books the catalog says are “IN LIBRARY,” but I have a feeling I’m just not looking in the right places. Nevertheless, checking your books out of Paley is more economical than the Temple Bookstore and you can even renew them online! If you can’t find the book you need, the life-saving PALCI system is bound to have it. A plethora of online databases on the library homepage offer full articles from magazines and academic journals. It’s a writing-the-term-paper-the-night-before student’s wet dream.
  • Find a way to give back to your community: Anything you can do to make someone else’s day better is the key to true happiness.
  • Learn a new language or inquire about a culture that is different from your own: Tolerance and diversity is what makes Temple so amazing. Don’t scoff when you hear about cultural events such as “Roots of Latino Music” or “A Conference on Irish Poetry in the 19th Century.” Those are the events that champion appreciation of our many different backgrounds.
  • Never forget to smile: It’s good for the soul. Saying “Hello” is another way to keep the spirits up.
  • Always schedule a Student Health Center appointment ahead of time: In other words, NEVER, EVER think you can get any help by just walking in to the nurse’s office in Mitten Hall. They won’t even look at you. One day’s notice is a must.
  • Raise your hand in class: Raise your hand if you know the answer. Raise your hand if you don’t. Raise your hand if you don’t know what class you’re in. Believe me, it’s the fastest way to learn.

    That’s it! Hopefully you will use some of this advice to make your way through the bullshit and the awesomeness that is college. To bid farewell, I’ll borrow the wise words of my man Cat Stevens: “Well, if you want to sing out, sing out/And if you want to be free, be free/’Cause there’s a million things to be/You know that there are.” Adios!

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