Drive-thru COVID-19 testing site to open at Temple Ambler

There are 47 confirmed cases of the virus in Montgomery County.

Temple University Ambler Campus will be home to a drive-thru COVID-19 testing site for critical workforce personnel, the Philadelphia Business Journal reported.

The site will be used to test hospital workers, paramedics, police, grocery store workers and others for COVID-19 so that Montgomery County officials can know if they can return to work, the Business Journal reported. It will not be used for general testing of the public.

There are 47 confirmed cases of COVID-19, a strain of coronavirus, in Montgomery County, The Temple News reported. In the state, there are 185 cases.

It has not been announced when the site will open.

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  1. my daughter is having breathing problems.. she can barley get up the stairs..
    she also has a persistent caugh she is 50 yrs old
    she has a doctors appointment but not for 2 wks.
    i am very concerned about her. please.. what can she do to get tested now ?
    please reply and
    thank you ~

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