Editorial: Bon appétit

The Temple News invites readers to taste-test lunch truck culture in this issue.

In this issue of The Temple News, readers will find our annual Lunchies insert, created to highlight the lunch truck culture unique to Main Campus.

In this year’s edition, we bring to our readers’ attention trucks that have arrived on Main Campus since our last Lunchies, trucks that have been serving up food for many years and trucks that offer affordable options when a Diamond Dollar budget just isn’t cutting it.

Also, guest columnist Annie Nardolilli offers insight into what truck owners experience aboard their rolling restaurants on a day-to-day basis when she spends a day on the Five Dollar Foot Long truck, learning that inside each lunch truck is a worker or owner with a story.

The Temple News has also compiled a Top 10 list on P. L4, voted upon by our staff. Listed are the lunch trucks and stands that we feel provide students with quality food, service and character.

We acknowledge that The Temple News staff is not the only consumer of food around Main Campus — although the newsroom fridge is excessively full at times — so in addition to our staff-wide vote, an online survey, via a Google document distributed on our social media sites, was open to Temple students. We hope the votes acquired — which required a Temple email address — more accurately represent the opinion of the university as a whole.

We encourage any students who have not stepped up to place an order at a lunch truck or who have not eaten at the 12th Street Food Pad Vendors, to put down the colorful Fiestaware and move away from the Johnson & Hardwick cereal bar — the Frosted Flakes will be there when you get back — and try something outside of Sodexo dining.

The Temple News applauds food trucks on Main Campus that dedicate themselves to buying locally produced goods, including, but not limited to, Yumtown, located at the corner of Norris and 13th streets and the Sexy Green Truck, located on Montgomery Avenue between 12th and 13th streets.

As the university builds its infrastructure to become more sustainable, we hope the food on Main Campus will follow suit in the way ingredients are purchased and menus are displayed.

We hope you find our coverage useful in navigating your way to an affordable breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to the four-page insert, visit temple-news.com/lunchies for additional Lunchies coverage. We know you didn’t order it, but it’s free of charge.

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