Editorial: Camaraderie in crisis

The Temple News urges students to aid hurricane-devastated areas.

The arrival of Hurricane Sandy was coincidentally in line with the production of The Temple News’ Service Issue, a Living section dedicated to the work people do simply because it’s right. Accordingly, we urged students last week to go out and volunteer. This week, we want to reiterate that point with a stronger focus.

As the days have passed and the gusts have settled, The Temple News is, put simply, floored by the devastation not far from Main Campus.

Sandy is gone, but the effects from it are not.

Students, faculty and alumni hail from across the country — including the shores in New Jersey and New York that were subject to what some have dubbed the storm of the century. More than 100 U.S. lives have been counted lost so far and the homes and livelihoods of many others were torn apart by unforgiving winds.

In the days after Sandy ripped through the region, life for Temple looked a whole lot like it did before; SEPTA powered up, classes resumed and weekend parties ensued. When natural disasters like this occur, it’s easy for physical distance from the damage to evolve into mental distance.

While Temple wasn’t particularly hit hard, it’s only right that students assume the moral and civic responsibility of banding together for the good of our families and friends affected by Sandy. Students and organizations must act now.

In return, The Temple News ensures readers that any story fit for its pages relating to Sandy will be reported on. If students or organizations have a story to tell or events to cover, we implore them to contact editor@temple-news.com. After all, an informed citizenry is only made possible if the informants are doing their jobs, too.

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