Editorial: Financial aid fix

Temple’s improvements to financial aid will make life easier for the student body.

In a few weeks, students returning to Temple for the fall semester will register for classes – and some of the worries associated with a new semester will be long gone.

The university announced yesterday, March 25, a number of changes to its class registration and payment policies, easing some burdens for students.

A new financial agreement will end Temple’s practice of canceling classes if payments aren’t received on time. For students, especially those who find themselves battling miscommunication and long waits for financial aid, this is welcomed news.

Students who don’t drop classes before the last day in the “drop/add” period of each semester, though, will be responsible for paying for the classes – for Summer 2013, that’s June 3. For Fall 2013, i’s Sept. 9. The new policy sets appropriate deadlines, placing emphasis on student culpability.

A third change announced by Temple will add a waitlist for full classes. This practical addition rids students of the unrealistic practice of constantly refreshing Self-Service Banner in hopes of a seat becoming available and prioritizes the placement of students who register early.

The waitlist requirement futher allows departments to respond to students’ demands – allowing for popular classes to expand in terms of the number of sections offered. This change is a vast improvement from the former method of petitioning.

These changes offer easy, common sense solutions to some of the biggest hurdles faced each semester. More than that, they speak to the possibility to rid the university of inefficiencies and eliminate for students uneasy times, if and when there’s a will to do so.

Read more about the new registration waitlist policy here.

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