Editorial: Saluting service

The Temple News presents its Service Issue to recognize those who volunteer.

This week, The Temple News presents its first Service Issue. The Living section’s content contains articles focused on community service projects and the people who do them, both in the city and at Temple.

While the efforts of students and Temple organizations receive coverage by The Temple News staff on a weekly basis, a special issue was created to highlight these acts.

Half of this issue’s advertisement revenue — $1,187.72 — is being donated to a charity chosen by The Temple News staff: Mighty Writers. The Philadelphia-based nonprofit offers resources and instruction to students ages 7 to 17 to help them improve critical thinking and writing skills, always enforcing their message that the pen is mightier than the sword — even in the smallest of hands.

Mighty Writers offers a free daily afterschool academy, night and weekend writing classes, a Mighty Teen Scholars program, SAT prep courses and college essay writing classes to more than 1,000 kids each year. The organization’s mission is consistent with the core values of The Temple News, and we applaud it and its volunteers.

More information on Mighty Writers can be found on P. 17.

The bond formed between creative individuals and Philadelphia youth at Mighty Writers is something that The Temple News hopes to see students echo. While the university doesn’t require its students to register service hours each semester, The Temple News encourages its students to dedicate their time and talent to an outreach effort.

In the Living pages, readers will see the community service efforts provided by individuals, campus organizations and students as part of their classroom requirements. The Temple News encourages more Temple professors to consider incorporating some kind of service into their courses to get students off Main Campus and into the surrounding community.

Whether its cleaning North Philly streets or donating to our neighbors along the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy, we hope this issue inspires you to pay it forward.

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