Engage in the Parliament

Students should join the Parliament to give voice to issues that affect their communities.

During the next month, Temple Student Government will ramp up its efforts to promote the campaigns and elections for seats in the group’s Parliament. Applications for the positions opened on Monday, and will be accepted until Oct. 28.

TSG leaders said they would be willing to modify the Parliament’s structure if necessary to better represent students. That could mean adding more seats specific to other groups on campus, like ROTC, which we noted last month was absent from representation.

Those seats that TSG defines as special interest — the Residence Hall Association, Greek Life, the Honors Program and students with disabilities, to name a few — are crucial to improving dialogue on university issues.

The Parliament would establish relationships for those groups to voice issues to TSG, which couldn’t possibly be in tune with the concerns of every group on campus otherwise. As an example, it would be beneficial to LGBTQ students to have a representative from the Queer Student Union in the new parliament to bring light to the unique issues their specific community faces and to instruct TSG on how to  provide support.

And we hope the new parliament will help TSG’s interactions with the Board of Trustees, the top decision-making body at the university. At the very least, it will give TSG a more extensive group of students to send to the Board meetings.

Lastly, it’s important for students to run for these open positions and vote in the election on Nov. 15-16. This is students’ chance to have an impact on the communities they belong to and bring their perspectives to student governance.

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