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  1. I love your frankness and freshness!

    The problem is, there is no “rule book” about relationships. We only ever learn from mistakes and heartbreaks – there doesn’t seem, (for most of us at any rate), to be a direct path from arriving at puberty to “happy ever after love.”

    The danger – to be strenuously avoided – is to mistake heartbreak for a permanent condition & never let love in again! The dating sites are full of people who want to be loved but are afraid to commit, give it out or let it in because they remember the pain of the past!

    (It’s why I wrote a whole book about it! I was caught in the trap, and realised that as a trained psychotherapist I’d get a client out of it, so I turned my knowledge on itself – and it worked!)

    Great article – and great smile too! 🙂


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