Lieberman: Fall into rhythm with campus fashion trends

Lieberman suggests that fall accessories be celebrated.


MAURA LIEBERMANI hate to admit it, but I’m actually kind of excited to start wearing big, comfy sweaters and boots again.

Hey, I have to be optimistic about something while transitioning from summer to fall. I try to think of Halloween, warm apple cider and Thanksgiving. However, even if the weather is getting cooler, your style doesn’t need to suffer.

As sundresses and wedges are departing from clothing stores, ankle booties and colorful jeans are making an appearance. This season, you can stock up on the latest trends while still utilizing many of the clothes you currently have. We still love to dress up for the first week of classes just like in elementary school. Although your back-to-school schedule may leave you feeling beyond stressed out, you can still look oh-so-chic by keeping a few guidelines in mind.

Classroom outfits don’t need to be lackluster just because you’re sitting in a large lecture hall. Wear clothes that are unique to your personality and that make you stand out. You don’t need to mix and match 10 patterns. Wear what you think suits you and don’t be afraid to experiment. I’m a huge fan of accessorizing plain outfits and putting my own personal twist on a pair of plain blue jeans and a white T-shirt.

Scarves are great fall staples. Try wearing a few statement necklaces that can really transform your outfit. Stack on some of your favorite rings, throw on your personalized bracelet and your outfit just became fabulous.

You should feel comfortable and confident in your outfit. Don’t wear something that doesn’t show your true personality. The first week is when you want to make the best impression on your professors and your classmates. The first week of classes will be very hectic and you don’t want to be running from class to class in a pair of uncomfortable too-tight shoes. You don’t want to put up a façade of your true self, and an outfit can definitely do that.

Summertime may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that all your summer clothes have to go right to the back of your closet. Instead of sandals, pair your dress with the new fashion trend for the fall: ankle boots. This way, you can make your outfit transition from the hot, sunny days of summertime to the cooler, laidback days of fall.

Be sure  not to wear anything ultra-tight and ultra-short. You’re not going to a club. Pair a casual dress with a pair of gladiator sandals, and boom – your outfit is complete. For a chilly fall morning, pair the dress with a long cardigan, or throw on a sweater. You can even sleep in for an extra 10 minutes if you’re already prepared.

On that note – yes, we’ve all rolled out of bed minutes before class starts more than a few times before. I’m willing to accept that lazy days happen, maybe a little more than every once and awhile. Instead of wearing your three-sizes-too-big ripped up sweatshirt to class, choose sweats that represent something to you. Throw on your favorite Temple hoodie, a pair of jeans and some canvas shoes. You are in college so it’s fine to convey that through dress. But you’re at least going to want to change out of the clothes you wore to bed.

Be smart about coverage. If you just bought a new dress, and it’s 60 degrees out, chances are, you’ll regret wearing it. But you don’t need to eschew the dress until next spring. If dresses are your thing, pair them with tights, boots and a sweater for a comfortable, and still fashionable, look.

Similarly, don’t wear shorts when you know the air conditioning will be blasting in your 8 a.m. class either. Even if your outfit is killer, don’t let your feet be killed. You may be excited to get back to school, but even if you dress up for class, you can look just as fashionable and well-dressed with sandals or another one of your go-to fall staples.

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